"And the Nominees are....."

Our Short Film Radha has picked up 3 nominations in the Underground Cinema Award in Dublin.

Radha header.jpg

The Underground Cinema Awards Ceremony will take place on November 4th at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.

- Best Actress (Sue Walsh)
- Best Supporting Actress (Kojii Helnwein)
- Rising Star Award (Nicolas Courdouan)

Congratulations, to everyone!
Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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Radha Review

A million "Thank You's" to Joseph Perry over at Gruesome Magazine for the very kind review of "Radha".


“Radha” (2016): Poetic Horror Short Offers Otherworldly Uneasiness

 ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE January 28, 2017Joseph Perry

Irish supernatural short Radha is a meditative piece dealing with grief, the search for identity, and the power of transformation through art. Its horror is not graphic or intense; rather, it comes off as a quiet eeriness that pervades the film, offering a chance of hope along with its sense of dread.

Saoirse (Sue Walsh) is a young woman trying to put some troubling incidents behind her as she moves to a new city, using a new name. The past isn’t so easy to escape, she finds, as someone she knows recognizes her at a party and tries to confront her. Saoirse wanders the town a bit, stumbling across a club with a decidedly unusual looking clientele. The audience watches a dancer (Kojii Helnwein as the titular character) in one of the film’s centerpieces, a tightly edited performance piece set to a hypnotic rhythm.

Saoirse (Sue Walsh) tries to escape painful memories in Nicolas Courdouan’s atmospheric horror short Radha.

Saoirse is mesmerized by Radha, though the dancer’s audience members put her off. Radha is a mysterious, alluring presence who invites Saoirse to go to bed with her after some awkward conversation. I will leave the rest of the night’s surprises to viewers to discover for themselves.

Writer/director Nicolas Courdouan has crafted an enigmatic but wholly accessible short that offers up unease and a sense of otherworldliness. He slowly unlocks the secrets of Saoirse’s past while not giving away too much about Radha, and that works well on both counts.

Kojii Helnwein plays the mysterious, seductive title character Radha.

Kojii Helnwein plays the mysterious, seductive title character Radha.

Sue Walsh gives an impactful turn as Saoirse, inhabiting her character with a sense that something is bubbling just under the surface that she refuses to let out. Kojii Helnwein is marvelous as Radha; she gives off a pitch-perfect air of the preternatural and inscrutable, with an underlying sense of menace. Helnwein brings to Radha a commanding presence, making the character as equally captivating in the unconventional dance scene as she is merely sitting and talking. Tess Masero Brioso’s cinematography is splendid, and Colin McKenna’s score works wonderfully with Simon Murphy’s sound design, as the sounds of nature gives way to driving beats and spooky music before returning again.

Radha is currently on the film festival circuit and has been picking up awards along the way. Nicolas Courdouan’s eerie, thought-provoking short is one to watch for when it heads your way.

Radha:  (3.5 stars / 5)



Winning Awards

A Little Look Back #2

In addition to my immense gratitude that accompanied my last post I also found my self recalling another happy moment in 2016.

another award!!

In October I was in LA for a little work. While I was there I had the honour of accepting an award on behalf of the cast and crew of our Irish Feature Film, "Life Begins Now" at Awareness Film Festival LA.
This was pretty special as I love what Awareness Film Festival stand for. Their mission statement says it better than I could....

The Awareness Film Festival is organized by Heal One World, a non-profit charity serving the community surrounding West Pico blvd in Los Angeles, California.

As well as serving as a fundraiser, the mission of the Awareness Film Festival is to inform and inspire audiences through a program of films on Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and Spiritual topics. We are honored to have the opportunity to spotlight film-makers committed to making positive change throughout the world.
— https://www.awarenessfestival.org/about-us/

Thank you so much to the awesome guys over at FRO FILMS! :)

A little look back #1

It's the day after my birthday, 9 days into 2017. As I prepare for a trip to Dublin for another day of shooting I find myself thinking about what an incredible year 2016 was for me personally.

In January 2016 I had set out with a list of goals and I worked my ass off to clear that list. Some of those objectives have rolled over to 2017 but others were achieved and came with so many unexpected bonuses.

ONE of those goals came in the guise of a Short Film "Radha" 

This film toured some of the worlds Film Festivals and racked up some great reviews. We even had the insane and unexpected pleasure of winning some awards. Canada's Shiver Film Fest awarded us, not one but FOUR awards.
- Short Film of the Year
- Best Fantasy Film
- Best Female Performance (Kojii Helnwein) {This one had me jumping and screeching in disbelief like a giddy little girl!!}
- Best Director (Nicolas Courdouan)

Winning that award has definitely given me an added drive to get back to that long mission list of mine and work even harder from here on out.

Watch "Little Bear"

"Little Bear" is a short film that I hold close to my heart for many reasons.

It recently completed it's Film Festival run around the world and the film makers, Daire Glynn and Ger Duffy have generously made it available online.

If you have 12 minutes to spare, make yourself a cup of tea, grab some tissues and sit back to drink in this gorgeous little film.
Starring Kieran O'Reilly (Love/Hate), Calum Heath (The Canal) and myself.

I'd love to hear what you think.


Principal Photography on a new Irish feature film, "Life Begins Now" has just wrapped.

Starring (to name just a few of the incredibly talented cast)

Peter James Melrose

Florence Ordesh

Leah Egan

I had the honour of playing a troubled woman by the name of Lexy Connell

Written and Produced by Fergus Keane

Directed by Fabiano Albuquerque

Director of Photography Erol Mustafov

Feel free to Like their Facebook page HERE for future updates

LITTLE BEAR and the film festival journey

A wonderful short film I mentioned before by the name of Little Bear has begun it's journey through the worlds film festivals.

We are thrilled to share that it has officially been selected by Vancouver International Film Festival 2015 AND by The Monthly Film Festival.

Irish Life

I recently took the kids to see a movie with their friends.

We were all getting settled in, when one after another they each yelled "MAMA That's YOU!" for the entire, jam packed theatre to hear.

This was one of those quick and fun commercial jobs I love, with the added bonus of cuddling the sweetest, new born baby girl.
You can have a peek at the commercial below to see just how adorable that little squish is.

Thanks for having me Irish Life!

Urban Traffik

Urban Traffik - starring

Claire Blennerhassett , Jemma Nic Lochlainn , Kojii Helnwein, Camila Correa Soya , Clare Murray , Damien Guiden, Anthony Kirwan, Jordan Rennix  and Stevie Greaney

Teasing you with another feature I recently wrapped.

Urban Traffik is a new feature film from October Eleven Pictures and Feature Film Project Ireland which follows Adam, a 28 year old homeless man and his love for Amy that charts dangerous territories and leads to an explosive denouement when Amy disappears.

For those of you who would like a little email to let you know Urban Traffik's release date, please subscribe below.

Urban Traffik teaser trailer. Copyright OEP/BHP/FFP/PTE 2015

Jemma Nic Lochlainn behind the scenes of Urban Traffik photo by Kojii Helnwein

Little Bear

The beginning of 2015 started in the most perfect way.

I had the pleasure of working with actors Kieran O'Reilly (Love/Hate) and Calum Heath (The Canal) on short film "Little Bear" Directed by Daire Glynn and Ger Duffy.

I can't wait to share this creation with everyone!

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with Kieran O'Reilly and Calum Heath in "Little Bear"

HAMLET - a little tease

For many months I have had the pleasure of working secretly, with an incredible group of cast and crew on a feature film that is very close to my heart. Not to mention our ever patient and encouraging Director, David Scott, who has recently let this little teaser trailer out to play.



The Cast & Crew
Michael Hough
, David Scott,
Conor Marren, Michael Basil King, Mark Mc Auley, Daphne Lynders, Cid Campbell, Tom Singleton, Fiach Kunz, Eoin McGovern, Kojii Helnwein, Ben Mulligan, Seán Keenan, Jack Dean Shepherd, Damien Holmes, Diarmuid McGuinness, Fernanda Machado, Rodrigo Ternevoy, Enda Connaughton, Kevin Dwan and Eamon McGlone.