"Photograph More"

A Little Look Back #3

2016 was filled with many "Firsts" for me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a list of things I wanted to achieve before the year was out. Most of them were creative challenges that I put before myself, others were personal and family oriented.

One of them was simply to "Photograph More".

We all have our phones on hand to snap away at whatever takes our fancy in the moment but one of my favourite things to do in my spare time is to take one of my old film cameras for a spin.

Over the years I have taken 100's upon 100's of photographs most of which no-one will ever see. However, last October, with the encouragement of my amazing family and friends I framed three photos from my "Ophelia" series and hung them along side some incredibly talented Tipperary based Artists at the jam packed, South Tipperary Arts Anniversary exhibition.

The response and support was overwhelming. To say I am grateful and humbled by the experience doesn't do it all justice.

I think this is a goal that I may have to roll over to 2017 and "Photograph EVEN more".

Winning Awards

A Little Look Back #2

In addition to my immense gratitude that accompanied my last post I also found my self recalling another happy moment in 2016.

another award!!

In October I was in LA for a little work. While I was there I had the honour of accepting an award on behalf of the cast and crew of our Irish Feature Film, "Life Begins Now" at Awareness Film Festival LA.
This was pretty special as I love what Awareness Film Festival stand for. Their mission statement says it better than I could....

The Awareness Film Festival is organized by Heal One World, a non-profit charity serving the community surrounding West Pico blvd in Los Angeles, California.

As well as serving as a fundraiser, the mission of the Awareness Film Festival is to inform and inspire audiences through a program of films on Ecological, Political, Health/Well Being and Spiritual topics. We are honored to have the opportunity to spotlight film-makers committed to making positive change throughout the world.
— https://www.awarenessfestival.org/about-us/

Thank you so much to the awesome guys over at FRO FILMS! :)

A little look back #1

It's the day after my birthday, 9 days into 2017. As I prepare for a trip to Dublin for another day of shooting I find myself thinking about what an incredible year 2016 was for me personally.

In January 2016 I had set out with a list of goals and I worked my ass off to clear that list. Some of those objectives have rolled over to 2017 but others were achieved and came with so many unexpected bonuses.

ONE of those goals came in the guise of a Short Film "Radha" 

This film toured some of the worlds Film Festivals and racked up some great reviews. We even had the insane and unexpected pleasure of winning some awards. Canada's Shiver Film Fest awarded us, not one but FOUR awards.
- Short Film of the Year
- Best Fantasy Film
- Best Female Performance (Kojii Helnwein) {This one had me jumping and screeching in disbelief like a giddy little girl!!}
- Best Director (Nicolas Courdouan)

Winning that award has definitely given me an added drive to get back to that long mission list of mine and work even harder from here on out.